About Us

Early View allows you to meet your baby in a relaxed and comfortable environment at our dedicated luxury 3D/4D ultrasound studio in Sydney. 3D images capture your baby’s features whilst 4D’s emphasis is on movement and live action of the baby in the womb. Together with your family and friends, sit and watch on a big screen as your baby smiles, yawns, and stretches.
For years expectant mothers have had to suffer the traditional grainy, black and white images of the 2D machines that needed the operator to explain what you were seeing… well not anymore! Early View provides breathtaking, dynamic pictures of how your baby actually looks!

What makes the Early View experience so unique?

  • No doctor referral necessary
  • We only employ fully qualified, highly trained and experienced sonographers
  • Warm and tranquil, non-clinical environment
  • Family and friends welcome
  • Great bonding experience
  • We just purchased a Brand new State of the Art Ultrasound Machine in December 2016, with amazing technology and unique new rendering techniques to producing simply stunning images all viewed and recorded in High Definition.
  • We are able to record baby’s heart beat on your DVD whilst also giving you the option of recording your choice of background music for your DVD recording.